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In Your Home – Rasha Kahil

6 December 2012

Author : reba


In Your Home is a self-portrait series started in 2008, in which I have intuitively and secretly appropriated other people’s private spaces with my own nude body. When I have been left alone in someone’s house, even if for a few fleeting minutes, I have whipped out my compact 35mm camera, and with the use of the self-timer, shot myself in the domestic space, without the host’s knowledge. I have used bedside tables, piles of books, or wardrobes as makeshift tripods, and placed myself in the space through an intuitive and spontaneous choice of composition.

Rasha’s photographs have been published into a hand-numbered limited edition publication (150 copies) comprising the complete series of the In Your Home series of photographs. Each book cover is different: a random tipped-in photograph of one the 36 In Your Home photographs… With a foreword by our very own Jeanne-Salomé Rochat and designed by Julia.

and to read more about the project visit Rasha’s website here

And to buy the book please visit this blog

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