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Icons – Kenneth Anger at Spreuth Mager’s London

28 March 2013

Author : reba


The Spreuth Mager’s gallery have replicated Kenneth Anger’s ultra glamourous Hollywood home for their new show Icons this month in London. Bringing together a collection of Kenneth Anger’s photographs, notes, scrapbooks and memorabilia from throughout his life in to their gallery and displaying them much like the layout in Anger’s own home this exhibtion will be sure to give a personal look into one of the most inspiring and pioneering men of the 20th century who has helped shape almost anything and everything even remotely avant-garde since the 1940’s. Exhibited over two rooms, one in a midnight blue and the other in the most luxurious velvet red the show will be sure to succeed in giving a look into Anger’s incredibly impressive life.

Icons Spreuth Magers London

March 23 – April 23 2012

Address 7A Grafton Street, London, W1S 4EJ

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm

Admission: Free



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