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Ian Isiah – Mindfvck

30 May 2013

Author : editorial

Ian Isiah’s video for his song ‘Mindfvck’ has caused much conversation about its banning from Youtube and the rules of censorship on the internet. However since its arrival online a month ago little seems to have been discussed about its outstanding originality both in its musical ability and progressive filming which takes place through this music video.

Simultaneously ambiguous as it is fulfilling to creating a strikingly progressive identity, the song and film reveals as much as it hides. The overwhelmingly sexy Isiah appears alongside performance artist boychild where they stimulate a confusing but passionate semi-sex scene. The songs title only eludes more to the perplexing narrative to the video, boychild appears truly androgynous and Isiah’s attempts to become intimate with her only confuses the structure of this video even more.

In our post-Lady Gaga world androgyny may have become more imbedded in peoples vocabularies but the playing with ones gender is still an issue which causes a colossal amount of shock, hatred and ignorance. Where the term of androgyny may have become more homogenised this video really pushes the boundaries of what many will find comfortable.Besides from boychild’s alien gender, Isiah’s muscular physique adorned in feminine crystal jewellery appears completely refreshing.

Like all historically relevant pieces of culture, anything that causes controversy does eventually prevail and it is up to us to challenge and evolve into how we can celebrate creations like this. The need to subverse ones own body image is still such a powerful tool and the way in which Isiah and boychild are doing so and then creating from this space is totally commendable. We are living in a time where the vast amount of mainstream culture is painfully mundane.

Historically recessions have created some of the most exciting areas of art and fashions become about dressing up. Until seeing this video, evidence of this concept in pop culture during this economic crisis has been hazy in comparison to the seriousness of our times, but this video seems to encapsulate exactly what we need now.



Here is Ian Isiah’s Soundcloud

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