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Wool Fetish

7 June 2013

Author : editorial


The wool fetish is possibly one of the most mundane but simultaneously bizarre fetishes in existence. ‘Woolies’ as they have become to be known partake in the enjoyment of feeling the warm and fibrousous softeness of wool in its many different textures and knitted techniques upon their own or others skin. This could be from the subtleness of a woman wearing a turtleneck sweater or to the other extreme of being partially mummified in countless layers of blankets.

While researching this fetish I tried to join an online forum where admission was processed by highlighting whether mohair or angora were more your thing? Maybe these fibres may have not been your main area of concern as much but the feel of crocheting would have really got you going. Some people were more particular and get off on the sensation of seeing their partners in particualr knitted garments like heavily knitted socks, hats, leg warmers, or scarfs. A lot of the images below and above demonstrate specially created full body suits to fulfil the need of being completely consumed by wool throughout the day.

The totally surreal nature of resembling a friendly yeti in soft colours may not be what we all expect of normal sexuality but the amount of depth and variations that this fetish possesses expands on its sensual nature. Whether this constitutes the itchiness of wiry wool against the skin or the way in which clothing can trap the body with its heaviness, this fetish seems to have many more possibilities that how it initially appears.

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