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St. Michel Flea Market

9 June 2013

Author : jamiejelinski

The St. Michel Flea Market in Montreal is always filled with an eclectic mix of objects and individuals. Located in close proximity to Saint Michel station, the last stop on the Metro’s Blue Line, the flea market attracts visitors from all areas of the city. It is here that I have been fortunate enough to meet a number of older gentlemen who have allowed me to take pictures of their tattoos.

The ship, cross, and flower/dagger are all from one man and were done in Hong Kong. On another man is the “I LOVE… FOR EVER,” anchor, and LOVE/HATE knuckles – homemade jobs done in various locations on Canada’s East Coast. The man with the dancing woman could not remember when and where he acquired the tattoo, but was quick to demonstrate how he could make her “dance” by moving his fingers.

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