Currently reading : SLIPPERS (and a thermos): S/S 2014 Kenzo for MEN

SLIPPERS (and a thermos): S/S 2014 Kenzo for MEN

2 July 2013

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

I am on the couch, reading a magazine in a moment of peace. The front door opens. Two feet in slippers stamp away the slush collected from the effort to make it to the toilets and back before coming in the room.

The body belonging to those feet is wearing a robe. It comes with a thermos and a radio and a deck of cards. It’s life partner is having an affair and its children never obey their curfew. It sits with me on the couch and we have a great time. Toes move in the slippers sometimes, but they always stay in. The body belonging to the toes writes down the time and then we play cards until we both pass out on the carpeted floor. In a corner, I have an air mattress but rarely do I bother to inflate it. When I do it fills up the entire rom. I then sit on it like a chair with part on the floor and part going up the wall where the door is. It is hysterical.

Sometimes I open the thermos, expecting coffee, but more often it is filled with white godiva liquer, kahlua and three cups of vodka over ice. We calls this thermos “the bomb”.

KENZO Menswear : Spring/Summer from Sang Bleu on Vimeo.

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