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Skin Leather and Sex…. Conduct Your Touch

11 July 2013

Author : zana-bayne

Skin, leather, sexuality, and a simple message: whether gay, straight, lesbian, transgender; love knows no boundaries. This is Todd Pendu’s directorial debut (impressario of the PENDV empire), a sensual music video by LA band, Von Haze with beautiful cinematography by Andrey Piontkovski. “Conduct Your Touch” stars Andre J, a gender-bending nightlife icon and fashion muse to Carine Roitfeld, as an androgynous love God/Dess presiding over a “Ceremony of Love-Making” by four couples (with cameos by nightlife stars Jordan Fox and Dylan Monroe). The film is based on The Lovers card of the Tarot and the Alchemical Androgyne; it’s also about people trying to find connection and oneness in intimacy and ecstasy. Through and through though, it’s a great pop song and the video has everything to do with teasing the eyes and the senses with a balanced mix of “soft-porn” and fashion. Fashion designer, Zana Bayne styled the video with wardrobe from 5Preview, Logan Neitzel, Muubaa, New York Sex Trash, Norisol Ferrari, custom pieces by Zana Bayne (X PENDV), Bjorg, Chris Habana, House of Malakai, Maria Black, Mordekai by Ken Borochov, and Uncommon Matters.


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