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Werner Herzog – O Soave Fanciulla

15 July 2013

Author : reba


Lets not forget to appreciate Herzog’s re- appropriation of Puccini’s O Soave Fanciulla (Oh You Vision of Beauty) an aria from La Boheme filmed in Ethiopia of the Mursi people. Herzog was asked to re-imagine an operatic number in purely visual terms by the English National Opera in 2009 in which it was filmed “in High Definition allowing us to juxtapose the traditions of opera with a real innovative setting, the uniqueness of which is hopefully reflected in the final film.” This original piece of opera expresses intimacy but Herzog let his four (very beautiful) couples leave each other after staring into the camera and separating into the bush never to see one another again. In retrospect this is an exceptionally simple idea, very little actually happens but its rich visual and sonic quality’s completly overwhelm this sublime four and a half minute film.

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