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Dirty Girls

17 July 2013

Author : reba

Dirty Girls is an amateur documentary made by Michael Lucid following a small group of girls embracing the riot grrl scene around their high school in 1996. Premiering on youtube a while ago now its been celebrated by many. The film starts with a quote from the director explaining that:“In Spring of 1996, my senior year of high school, I documented a group of 8th grade girls who were notorious for their crass behavior and allegedly bad hygiene….” The film is set within a small friendship group of girls against the enormity of their homogenised high school. The director flips to interviews with teenagers from the school and asks them about their views on these girls (with words such as ‘hideousity‘ used against them) which is as horrible as it is important. Understanding why riot grrl hasn’t been deserved more attention as a subculture always seems so strange as it is SO progressive! Its crossover with grunge usually means that its sadly sidetracked in to any larger discussion. Besides from the film showing us a great example of this subculture, seeing girls that young being so passionate and quite frankly brave about understanding their gender is completely uplifting. How they create their own zine considering how young they are is also really interesting, a contemporary version of teenagers resonating with these feelings pretty much only expands within the anonymous walls of tumblr. Most peoples wider knowledge of riot grrl rarely delves any further than knowing about Bikini Kill so seeing its impact on such a microcosm like it does here defines its importance. It is also quite fascinating that these girls used concept of hygiene as a way to communicate their ideals through their body image rather than material stylistic signifiers like most other subcultures. It is also filmed in quite dreamy resolution which only adds to the overall film. Enjoy.


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