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Susu Laroche

25 July 2013

Author : reba

Susu Laroche is the photographer and film maker based in London, known for her dreamy analogue photos of her muses from London (including the likes of SB6 cover star Caleb Kilby, Yasmina Dexter, Stanley Schtinter and Emma Sheridan) and often disturbing films. She’s currently working a film called ‘On Faultlines’ about assassins but these images are from a recent visit to Wales of her muse Louis. The photographs shown here will be a part of a book of Laroche’s work from the last three years called ‘chaos lure us chaos rule us’ and will be released by Purge in October 2013. Below is a little Q&A with Laroche so we can discover more about her.



Where are you from?

London via Egypt / France


Where do you live?



Where is your name from?

My parents gave it to me.



Where is your favourite place in London?

The riverside


What kind of camera do you use?

Somewhere between an Olympus, Nikon and Bolex.


Favourite soul song?

Suspicion – The Originals



What are your three favourite films at the moment?

Frantic, Apocalypse Now, Le lit de la vierge


What is your favourite cocktail?

A Negroni


Favourite photographer from the last forty years?

Don Mccullin


Favourite documentary?

There’s a great one about H.H Holmes (one of my favourite serial killers) which has jovial barbershop quartet soundtrack playing all throughout, illustrating his crimes. It’s amazing.


What is beauty to you?

Mutations of nature, and chaos


What is ugliness to you?



Who do you think is the most stylish person? Dead or alive?

Amelia Earhart


Who or what do you think is the most important/exciting force in our contemporary culture?

Virtual technology, for better or worse



What is your favourite album at the moment?

Morricone’s soundtrack for The Professional


Who would you most like to work with ?

Spanning life, death and time : Antonin Artaud, Vincent Cassel and Isabelle Adjani before she ruined her face. Throw in Oliver Reed too.


What is your favourite painting?

Right now it’s ‘Young peasant with cabbages’ by Tommasso Salini. I don’t love cabbages but they look sumptuous in that painting.


Favourite building?

One of the buildings I went to school in.. mahogany panelled walls and secret staircases and passages


Favourite website?

Badass of the week


Favourite fashion designer?

Galliano’s couture



Last novel you read?

The other night I dreamt that I read Ulysses (and it was great) but I’m not sure that counts, so Gargantua & Pantagruel by Rabelais. I’m about to re-read The Torture Garden by Octave Mirbeau and I found a slip of paper in the back of my copy that says ‘extended generalised hatred towards me’ ….it’s not my handwriting. I have no idea what or where its from, but its perfect.


Last exhibition you visited?

The one on Pompei, So beautiful


Favourite contemporary artist?

Carlos Thomas


Perfect meal?

Fine food, fine company, fine drinks, fine time.




See more of Susu’s work here:

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