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Pink Narcissus at the ICA

4 August 2013

Author : reba

The one and only Pink Narcissus will be playing at the ICA on the 7th of August. James Bigood’s cult homoerotic film was famously almost completely painstakingly created in his apartment over seven years on 8mm.

This hallucinatory film follows the varying evolutions of the fantasies of a gay male prostitute of being a bull fighter, a belly dancer and to a roman slave boy. Overtly visually opulent the attention to detail in every single mili-second iscompletely commendable and overwhelming especially in regards to it all being made in one apartment by one individual.

Originally released anonymously in 1971 many guessed that Kenneth Anger or Andy Warhol had created the film after a lengthy and complicated release. Although Bigood responded to this by saying that “Pink Narcissus doesn’t look anything like Warhol. First of all, he would never put that much effort into anything.” Thought of as a moving poem with no real dialogue or structure the film unfolds into one of the most gorgeously satisfying mixture oftextures, colours and images which has gone onto to have amassed an endless amount of inspiration to film makers and photographers ever since (most notably with the likes of Pierre et Giles). The erotica in the film may now appear kitschy and slightly dated but rules of censorship on its release were far harsher making this film truly important.


You can book tickets here

Wednesday the 7th of August, 7pm,

Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH



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