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Wild Art

7 August 2013

Author : joseph-delaney

(Tanya Mars – ‘Gas Mask’, from ‘Codpieces: Phallic Paraphernalia’)

The latest tome from art publishing giant Phaidon comes Wild Art, “an exploration of everything and anything from outside the exclusive and rarefied spectrum of the ‘Art World’” and an attempt to re-focus its eye, which is more known for a vision of giants of art history and moments of pop-cultural significance, towards marginal works in an attempt to redefine what we collectively understand art to be. Not quite the boot to the teeth of the institutional theory one might hope for, but encouraging to hear an alternate view from the mass-appeal publisher.


“It’s right in your face…and yet people don’t notice it, they don’t observe it,” notes American philosopher and art critic David Carrier in a recent interview about the release and who authored the book alongside art historian Joachim Pissarro.


The book will feature 350 images of work spanning an unimaginable breadth of genres, from the alternative work of sexuality and body modification, to edible sculpture and extreme animal grooming; a reach perhaps too far for such a brief exploration of its theme, but admirable at least in it’s recognition of alternative forms of aesthetics and in its attempt to comment on that further than the standard lifeless and ever self-perpetuating argument.


Dimitri Tsykalov

Wild Art, out October 2013, Phaidon Press Ltd.



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