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Palm Plastic Surgery

8 August 2013

Author : reba

With palm-reading still being immensely popular in various parts of East Asia especially in Japan and South Korea, a new trend within plastic surgery has been emerging which alters the lines of the palm of the hand. The process of being able to undergo surgery in the hope of changing your destiny is certainly a strange and possibly futile procedure but it is growing in demand. What can only be imagined as an incredibly painful operation, the new lines are created with an electric scalpel and the skin is cut with a shaky hand so it will look more authentic. A clear decision to not use an electric laser was made early on in this new practice as ‘burns heal’ and the scars fade.

What seems immediately strange about this form of body modification is that it is not practiced for the purpose of adornment but through the hope to alter possibilities for the future (which in many ways seems to go against its very essense). Costing up to $1,000 the surgeon practicing this surgery already should have a knowledge of palmistry to help you extend your money, romance, luck, family or marriage lines. There is another strange aspect to creating a scar on the body with the aim of it trying to imitate a line as they are two different things. How this type of surgery will evolve (if it can) will be interesting as its very existence seems completely bizarre.


Images via the Shonan Beauty Clinic


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