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30 August 2013

Author : julia-silverman

My Head


Thanks to a small (and now finally resolved) medical mystery, I’ve managed to develop a sizable collection of images of my own body’s interior. Perhaps it’s a simple case of narcissism, but from the crisp, flat CT scans to the subtly-modeled MRI prints, these images completely fascinate me. It seems crazy that such mystical-looking – even Surrealistic (Rayogram-y, maybe?) – images are being used by doctors to determine the “truth” of my physiology. Although chronological grids of of my skulls at ever-so-slightly differing angles convey a sense of something scientific or at least physiognomic, there are moments at which the body, pictured at an unconventional angle, seems to dissolve into abstraction. Not to mention the bizarrity of seeing a photograph of the body I know to be mine only to see something completely alien.


[All images displayed here are mine and of me.]

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