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Blossoms Among Blossoms

20 September 2013

Author : ivgheny-kosthin

“Blossoms Among Blossoms” is the photography book by the Soviet photographer Rimantas Dihavichus. It is a poetic utterance about natural female beauty which was published in 1987 and it exploded at the International Moscow Book Fair where it was showcased for the first time. A book like this in the Soviet Union had never addressed female beauty in such a revealing way considering its concentration on the female nude.

“Censorship was total, – recalls the photographer. – The attention to nudity as subject in the Soviet Union was off limits. Not a single western book like this had made it to the fair. And all of the sudden here at the Soviet stand, well, Lithuanian stand actually… Later we even hid the book because the visitors would simply take down the stand. I wasn’t attacked by the moralists. People were so surprised that they could find no words to criticise the work”. It might seem that Blossoms Among Blossoms covers a short period of photographer’s life. A bright summer week full of warmth and sunshine. But Rimantas remarks: “In fact I worked on it for a very long time. I did the shots, the prints and the book layout all by myself”. Interestingly, Dihavichus and his family were forcibly relocated to Siberia just as thousands of other Soviet Lithuanians. His mother died when he was a child, so he grew up in an orphanage for children of the enemies of state. But that didn’t make him angry. On the contrary, he started to search beauty in everything.

“Today beauty is really not in high demand. So we need to save it. We should cherish it and transmit it to the others. That’s when the beauty can save. This is the ideal that is spread amongst people”.

Although this book is rare it is still possible to buy it here

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