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The Dragon Of Nicholas II Of Russia.

24 September 2013

Author : ivgheny-kosthin

Long before becoming the last Emperor of the Russian Empire the young prince Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov took a tour around the countries of the Far East. The main goal of the trip which took place between 1890 an 1891 was to find out more about the region and get acquainted with the specifics of local government systems.

The tour is mostly remembered for its unpleasant incident which happened in Otsu. The matter is that while being in Japan Nicholas II was attacked by a policeman Tsuda Sandzo. He was going back to Kyoto after visiting Lake Biwa together with the Prince George of Greece and the Japanese Prince Arisugawa. Tsuda jumped at Nicholas’ carriage and managed to inflict several wounds on him with a sabre.

However there was another memorable point of trip. The Russian prince showed a keen interest towards traditional Japanese arts and crafts. So unusually for the time he made himself a tattoo – a flying dragon on the right forearm.

Yale University archives have kept photos confirming this fact, you can make out his tattoo through the images below.

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