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Ancient Greek Erotica

1 October 2013

Author : julia-silverman

Showcasing attitudes far less prudish than those of today, the erotic imagery of Ancient Greece has been studied since the early 1990s. Ranging from the year 700 BC – 400 AD, these images depict numerous complex sexual relationships of Ancient Greece, from prostitution to pederasty. Considered to be as “natural” as the satisfaction gained from eating food or scratching your back, sex and sexual images were seen as signs of a healthy and functioning civil society. Erotic images were created to be seen by the entirety of the general public, adorning everyday objects, ceremonial vessels, and even the tiles of Ancient Greece’s municipal buildings.

Below, a gallery of some images from red-figure pottery:

Tons of information exists on art and sexuality in Ancient Greece, from the very scholarly to the easily accesible; for starters, check out the Museum of Cycladic Art’s 2009 exhibition on Eros.



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