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Silk scarf fetish

13 October 2013

Author : reba

“Whenever I look at these pictures, I think to myself why do men not wear such clothes in public, why should we not wear headscarves? It’s a pity that man has to hide it. Therefore, I say thank you that there are some sites where you can see, not to be alone.” (source)

The silk scarf fetish involves a satisfaction in scarves coming in contact with the body. The arrangement of how the scarves adorn the body includes gagging the mouth, tightly being tied around the neck, layers upon layers draping the entirety of the body, blindfolding the eyes, handcuffing the wrists and ankles, covering the face and individual scarves being tied horizontally from the top to the bottom of the body to create a restriction of movement. This is performed either on the individual in private or on a partner. Certain scarf fetish websites possess keywords for their search engines including words such as; Scarfqueen, Sloane street style, Grace Kelly style, Russian scarf, The office lady, Windy Hijab, hermes bondage, silk lick and bandit scarf mask. Theoretically the silk scarf fetish doesn’t seem that bizarre, the ultra sensual nature of silk touching the skin creates a very tactile reaction. Due to much of this fetish being about the feeling of silk on the skin there would be some expectation that clothes would be made or worn out of silk but what is most fascinating about this fetish is the way in which the scarves are placed and executed on the body. The abundance of colours, patterns and the bodily satisfaction of the shine off the fabric placed on grown men and women creates uneasy images of discomfort and strangeness. Some of the more hardcore scarf fetishists not only cover their bodies in the scarves but also drape their environment for the occasion in the silk fabric; chairs, desks, walls and carpets all become engulfed in clashing and vibrant patterns. There also seems to be a complexity to the fetish which is highlighted in the navigation of the fetish’s websites which crosses lots of cultural boundaries. The fact that a fetishist could fulfil their attraction towards the conservatism of a women like Grace Kelly, a respectable woman working in an office, or an opulently wealthy Russian woman in comparison to the taboo of a hijab wearer through a piece of cloth is pretty fascinating. The symbolism of of a silk scarf becomes imbued with notions of wealth and religion in a way in which represents women who aren’t easily accessible. The silk scarf is also a kind of useless object, it doesn’t particularly have that much function, its light in weight and inoffensive in its image. Its design is super simple, its only ever square or rectangular in shape and doesn’t function in creating much warmth but creating an impression of luxury or concealment. The fact that a fake Louis Vuitton piece of fabric could be used to restrict body movement for pleasure seems miles away from common expectations of S&M.

You can look at this particular person’s flikr here to see more images of landslides of silken disguise.



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