Currently reading : An interview with the founder of wikiFeet – ‘the collaborative celebrity feet website’

An interview with the founder of wikiFeet – ‘the collaborative celebrity feet website’

17 October 2013

Author : reba

Kim Kardashian’s feet

wikiFeet is a website of endless photographs of celebrity’s feet. As the site’s homepage disclaimer says, wikiFeet is a collaborative site for sharing, rating and discussing celebrity feet pictures and videos. We only allow opening galleries for women over 17 who are listed on IMDb. … We do not allow uploading adult content of any kind. uploading such content will get you banned!”

Created for people with foot fetishes, the website is collaborative; anyone can upload photos as they please of various celebrities feet. There are no photos of mens feet on the website, all of the photos of feet either show naked feet or feet wearing shoes that show off a little bit of skin. Members can rate the celebrity’s feet out of a rating of stars; 5 stars means that the woman has ‘beautiful or gorgeous feet’, three stars means that they have ‘ok feet‘ and one star classifies feet as ‘ugly’. Besides from there being quite literally hundreds of thousands of photos of celebrity’s feet there is also a section where members can post their favourite videos of feet in movement.

The website is democratic in its set up; anyone can join, contribute photos or comment. There is a strange stagnancy to the images though, high heeled feet on the red carpet, sandal wearing feet stepping out of limos or screen shots from film or television with many of the images cropped at the bottom of the women’s body making most of these photographs look anonymous.

The vast range of celebrities is so endless that even the most vaguely established pop star to reality personalities from every corner of the earth appear on the website which exhibits the expanse of its visitors and the diverse nature of the foot fetish. It is interesting that many of the photos contributed to the website are of paparazzi photos which have been taken with the purpose of surveying these women’s lives on the basis to create gossip or prey on what they are wearing but these images have been turned around unknowingly for the satisfaction of foot fetishisers.

The monotonous nature of many of these feet however bring out the strong opinions of the foot fetishists, with arguments taking place between members over the attractiveness of certain celebrity’s on an hourly basis.

Because of the enormity of data that exists on this site alongside its popularity we have created a small interviewed the founder of wikiFeet, Eli Ozer to find out more about this celebrity foot fetish and its community.

Nicki Minaj having a pedicure
When did you start wikiFeet?
I started working on wikiFeet in August of 2008

Why do you host images of celebrity’s feet and not everyday people?
I’ve always had a fascination with women’s feet, and it was hard to find pictures of them online at the time. There were a couple of sites dedicated to celebrity feet, but they either had very few celebs or required a membership fee. wikiFeet started out as a sort-of personal collection of mine, and in time I’ve added features and attracted more visitors. I’m guessing the need for a site featuring celebrity’s feet rather than everyday people comes from curiosity. We see them on television and movies, they seem so perfect.. one can’t help but wonder whether or not their feet are as perfect.
Why did you decide to make the website collaborative?
I made the site collaborative for two main reasons.
1. There are many celebrities I don’t know about and I wanted to let people open galleries for their favorite celebs.
2. Letting the visitors handle the content freed me to focus on adding features and making the site better.
also, it’s nice knowing that the site can run on its own without me having to keep it fresh all the time.

How many images are uploaded everyday?
About 500-1500 pictures are uploaded to the site daily.

What do you think makes a popular pair of feet?
It’s hard to say exactly what makes popular feet, because different people look for different things.
usually feet that are symmetrically shaped, smooth skinned and well taken care of are the most popular ones.

And what do you think makes an unpopular pair of feet?
Bunions, dead skin, oddly shaped toes and overall neglected feet are the most unpopular ones.
The site’s visitors expect celebrities to take care of their feet (saying they can afford it), and get agitated if they don’t :)

How many people visit the website a week?
About 700,000 people visit the site a week.
Visit wikiFeet here!

Paris Hilton’s feet

Beyonce Knowles’s foot

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