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Jack Dracula interviewed by Daniel Schwartz

21 October 2013

Author : jamiejelinski

Jack Dracula, otherwise known as Jack Baker, is known to many outside the tattoo community for his iconic portrait taken by Diane Arbus. To those within the tattoo community or familiar with the history of tattooing, he is known for his work with Brooklyn Blackie on Coney Island, his shops in Camden and Philadelphia, and as a sideshow attraction in Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus, Hubert’s Dime Museum, and Amusements American Carnival.

Prior his death on January 18, 2011 at the age of 75, Daniel Schwartz conducted a number of interviews with Dracula about subjects ranging from his first tattoo to his childhood memories. Below you will find a selection of these interviews. Be sure to check Schwart’z Youtube channel to see more.

“Jack’s First Tattoo”

“Jack Baker on his Facial Tattoos”

“Jack’s Last Tattoo Shop in Philadelphia”

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