Currently reading : Cory Arcangel’s “Power Points” at DHC/ART Foundation

Cory Arcangel’s “Power Points” at DHC/ART Foundation

4 November 2013

Author : jamiejelinski

Cory Arcangel’s recent solo show at Montreal’s DHC/ART Foundation presents a wide array of the computer-based work that has come to characterize Arcangel’s artistic output. With an underlying humor, Aracangel’s exhibition “embraces the Internet’s anarchic potential and its Utopian open source culture” while simultaneously “question[ing] authorship, the status, and value of the art object” (quotation via DHC/ART).

Instead of offering a traditional exhibition review (as has already been done quite poignantly by Sophie Lynch at Canadian Art), we have chosen our favorite works from the exhibition and posted them below. Alongside the works you will find, taken from his website, what Arcangel calls a “Post Script.” These “Post Script[s]” offer contextual and anecdotal information from the artist himself, and in doing so, simultaneously allows viewers to become aware of both Arcangel’s physical and ideological processes.

For more information on the exhibition see the DHC/ART Foundation’s website here and Cory Arcangel’s website here. “Power Points” is on display until November 24, 2013.


Colours, 2006

“”‹This was a video I made where, as the elevator pitch suggests, I played the movie Colors one horizontal line of colors at a time. A few years later, I released a personal edition of the software I used, called Colors Personal Edition. So, get ripping!”


I Shot Andy Warhol, 2002

“This is a Hogan’s Alley mod, where the gangsters have been replaced by Warhol, and the “innocents” have been replaced by the Pope, Flavor Flav (pre MTV show!!!!), and Col Sanders (note: Col Sanders was actually real person). So enjoy!, and please check below for the ROM which you can download, and in order 2 play this at home. pps – there is no source code to this project, because it is a “rom hack” aka all the modifications r done directly in the binary of the compiled ROM. Both the graphics and the program are modified for this project. The graphics are changed to add the new characters (duh!), and the program is changed to switch the mirroring of the sprites which compose the characters faces. For example Flavor Flav’s face is not symmetrical where as Col sanders’ face is.”


Super Mario Clouds, 2002

“Super Mario Clouds is an old Mario Brothers cartridge which I modified to erase everything but the clouds. Check below for the ROM, a link to the source code, a gif, and instructions on how 2 make it yourself. So, first the gif,……when I originally posted this on the Internet in 02, the web wasn’t actually able to contain video (it sounds funny now, but remember youtube didn’t start making waves till like 05ish??), therefore I made a gif of the video. Of the gazillion bootlegs of this project, most are from this gif. Enjoy!…”


Drei Klavierstücke op. 11 (part 1), 2011

“Drei Klavierstuke is a recreation of Arnold Schoenberg’s 1909 op. 11 Drei Klavierstücke (aka Three Piano Pieces) made by editing together videos of cats playing pianos downloaded from Youtube. Schoenberg’s Op11 is often considered the first piece of “atonal” music, or music to completely break from traditional western harmony which means it’s not written in a “key”. Below you will find the three videos (one for each piano piece), a technical description & the score.

This project fuses a few different things I have been interested in lately, mainly “cats”, copy & paste net junk, and youtube’s tendency in the past few years to host videos that are as good and many times similar to my favorite video artworks. I think all this is somehow related…”


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