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Tattoo-tatoué by Philippe Dube

11 November 2013

Author : jamiejelinski

Published in 1980, Phillippe Dubé‘s book Tattoo-tatoué. Histoire, techniques, motifs du tatouage en Amérique française, de la colonisation à nos jours. has remained relatively unknown within the world of tattoo literature. Written entirely in French, Tattoo-tatoué is one of the early works on tattooing with a focus on Canadian content. A professor of history at Laval University, Dubé utilized a number of interdisciplinary methodologies in his study, touching upon the sociological, psychological, historical, and visual aspects of tattooing. The book also includes a number of photos of notable historic Canadian tattooers (and their work), such as Doc Forbes, Prof. Clément Demers, Prof. Joe Lavoie, and Bruce Bodkin. See below for a selection of these seldom reproduced images.

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