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Tattoo: the State of the Art

12 November 2013

Author : julia-silverman

I’ve known for a while that my aunt, Marcia Tucker, was extremely active in theorizing tattoos in the 1970s. I (obviously) wasn’t alive then, but I remember her showing me some of her tattoos when I was little: a snake coiled around an egg on her ankle and a vine wrapped around her torso, to name two. I recently happened upon a bunch of tattoo slides from 1975, all shot by my dad, Warren Silverman, of Marcia hanging out in tattoo shops with a bunch of close-ups of eagle chest pieces, dragons cascading down backs and legs, and tons of archival flash. I’m hoping to delve more fully into the family archives soon, but until then, here is a scan of an article Marcia wrote for Artforum in 1981 about the state of tattooing. Some lines feel a bit dated 35 years later, but the publication of a piece of tattooing in a “fine art” magazine, looking back, seems very prescient. Some mainstream publications are only now beginning to catch on…



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