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Today is Learn to love the Swastika Day

13 November 2013

Author : reba

Today marks the passing since ManWoman’s death a year ago. To commemorate this November the 13th has been declared ‘Reclaim the Swastika Day’. A Facebook event for this occasion has described today as:

A worldwide event on the first anniversary of ManWoman’s passing – the 13th of November 2013 – to spread knowledge and appreciation of the gentle swastika.

Open shops and give away tattoos, scars and/or brandings of Swastikas for free and use this opportunity to educate people about the origins and true meaning of the Swastika.

For artist and people who like to join this event please confirm here in which way you want to participate

Please note that “Learn to love the Swastika” is a group compiled of tattooists, body modifiers, designers, writers and Swastika educators. There is absolutely no religion or worship involved – only cultural awareness. ‘

Alex Binnie will be hand poking swastika’s in memory of ManWoman from 12pm at Into You in London tomorrow where you can find out more information here.





All images have been taken from the Facebook event page which have been added by various Facebook members from about the world. You can join the event here where you can find out about other events to commemorate this day from all around the world.

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