Currently reading : Theo Constantinou’s photographs of Cuba

Theo Constantinou’s photographs of Cuba

20 November 2013

Author : editorial

Theo Costantinou of Paradigm magazine has specially created these images from his recent trip to Cuba for Sang Bleu.


The primary intention regarding Cuba was to interview American born artist John Dominguez for the printed version of Paradigm set to release early 2014. To him Cuba was no mystery, it was in his blood, but my only knowledge of the island had been pop-culture icons like Chano Pozo, El Duque, the Bay of Pigs and Che Guevara. Then I read Listen, Yankee by C. Wright Mills which gave my superficial lens to a much different outlook to what Cuba meant from the revolutionary mind and the realities of life for those citizens after January 1, 1959. These photographs speak to that pop-culture ignorance and the effect of post-revolutionary ‘intelligentsia.’ This was the Cuba I saw; untouched by western racketeering, controlled still by ‘the man whose name is not spoken’ and the inherent fact that revolutionaries, peasants, blacks, whites, children, and politicians are ALL human.



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