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21 November 2013

Author : reba

Universal Music Japan, Lady Gaga’s Japanese record label last week uploaded a 30 second teaser video. What this film is actually advertising is quite unclear; we are shown what seems to be a bleak factory with moulds of Lady Gaga’s face and body being compressed, moulded and bolted and eventually made into a robot.

The teaser ends with the statement that: “GAGADOLL COMING SOON”. Is Gaga’s new concept that she will now become a consumable entity more than she already is? Exactly how reactive will these robots be if they can be bought by individuals? This is of course another aspect of her expansive marketing strategy but what is it exactly about Robots that is so fitting towards Gaga? What is it about advanced technology that she wants to intertwine herself with so much? How many robots will be made? What will their function be? Will these robots be made in mass or will a one off robot be made as a piece of art? The video seems to show a whole army of silicone bodies hanging in a room.

Lady Gaga is yet to make an announcement about where this footage will lead however Japan is forever associated with robot creation so it almost seems a little too obvious for Gaga to promote her music within that particular country in this manner. As Lady Gaga’s career becomes more and more extreme within pop culture the notion of her creating robots of herself hardly seems surprising especially within the context to ‘ARTPOP’. Fans have speculated that the TechHausdesign branch who recently designed her flying dress are behind this concept. TechHaus is the technical division of the Haus of Gaga founded in 2012 to create the ARTPOP app.

The video succeeds in exactly what its aimed to complete, its left us with questions about her ever growing estate. For a woman who likes to play with extremes and is fully aware of wanting to conquer various aspects of popular culture recreating a mechanical version of herself seems fitting to her progressive nature within her field as a pop musician.

You can watch the video here:


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