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Eye jewellery surgery

25 November 2013

Author : reba

A new trend is emerging within eye surgery. For $3,000 you can now have a small platinum shape measuring around 3.5mm immersed in your optic membrane permanently by an eye surgeon. The surgery only takes fifteen minutes and a choice of moons, stars or hearts can be imbedded into the eye.

A badly made film on the Fox News website has been made documenting the first procedure taking place in New York where you can watch it here. The un-modified woman interviewed described her decsion as ‘It’s going to be a conversation maker. I will be able to tell people. It will be unique. It will be sort of my unique factor.’

“It’s a very thin piece of platinum that’s designed for insertion on the top of the eye, it’s not in the eye so there’s no risk of blindness or anything at all,” the surgeon tells My Fox NY. “She could have a little bit of local bleeding. That could go away in a couple days or couple weeks. She could have an infection but we’ll prevent that with antibiotics.”

But the jewellery has not been FDA approved and the American Academy of Ophthalmology is warning consumers about the dangers.

This extreme modification seems bizarre in its final outcome as it doesn’t really resemble anything visually that strong. It’s placement almost looks awkward and its incision seems futile as there is something so aesthetically subtle but simultaneously uncomfortable about it.

Considering the modifications size and placement there is something so utterly intrusive about it, slicing open a layer of the eye is enough to make anyone queasy but especially when the outcome will look like having a vague sparkle in your eye and a shape which can only be deciphered when very close to the face. It will be interesting to see if this surgery will become more popular, the woman in the film seems to only have her ears pierced prior to the surgery so understanding her motives behind the surgery makes it seem even more strange. Apparently the surgery is becoming more popular throughout various areas of Europe and America however dedicating yourself to a surgery that does nothing to improve eyesight seems ineffective. Let’s see how this trend emerges.


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