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Excerpts from Toilet Paper Mag

10 December 2013

Author : julia-silverman



Toilet Paper is a magazine/artist’s book, founded by famed Italian artist Maurizio Cattalan and photographer PierPaolo Ferrari in 2010. Showcasing only images without accompanying text, the magazine combines the aesthetic of vintage advertisements with strange, often saturated and saccharine palettes, creating enticing yet nightmarish images grounded in contemporary media (but sometimes with clear art historical references). As Ferrari states, each image begins with a simple idea and is gradually complicated into a tableau vivant. This process of creating images seemingly mirrors the cryptic process of advertising, in which a straightforward product (like a car or perfume) will be associated with a feeling and receive a product-tested name and theatrical commercials and staged advertisements. And like these products, Toilet Paper is available for sale, both through small bookstores and




This image was created in May 2012 as a billboard produced in collaboration with the High Line in NYC.




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