Currently reading : Auto Erotik, publication no. 1

Auto Erotik, publication no. 1

18 December 2013

Author : reba

Scouring the internet to find out more about this excellent zine has proven near impossible since finding an image of the cover within the depths of tumblr last week. Consisting of twenty grey and pink scale pages, prominent players of the industrial tape culture of the 80s appear as contributors such as the iconic Cosey Fanni Tutti, Sleep Chamber, Lebensborn (early grey wolves?) and Slave State to this erotic booklet. The subtle photographs next to the more macabre illustrations compliment one another in the kind of way that can only work in a zine of this calibre. The printing of only 69 copies is particularly brilliant too. The date of its publication is unknown but due to its contributors it suggests that it was created in the mid 80s and the postal address hints that it was created in the quieter area of Madison in Wisconsin by a woman named ‘Kathee’ who has been quoted as the editor.

If anyone knows anymore about this zine and whether any issues copies were published email me at


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