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Miss Kallie Scott

5 February 2014

Author : reba

Kallie Scott

I have hundreds of pics up, on that you can bet.
But my stream is a mix up, so view by the set!

Here’s some of my best, but they’re not the end.
To show you the rest, I must call you my friend!

An adult you must be, so I’m not deleted.
‘Cause what you will see, is Kallie mistreated!

Though I may not deem, that I need to share,
If in your photo stream, I find nothing there!

A poem by Miss Kallie Scott introducing her visitors to her Flickr page

Kallie Scott

Recently I’ve been really enjoying Miss Kallie Scott‘s flickr photos, the depths of the internet don’t really get much better than discovering the home made photographs of an anonymous man indulging in his secretive cross dressing doll fetish. Especially when there is something so overwhelmingly uncanny about the construction of this individuals fetishised identity.

There are several truly satisfying aspects to the documentation of Miss Scott’s fetish. For example the colour co-ordination and carefully executed set design created in her home. A beige carper paired with a creased lilac polyester sheet hung from the wall sets the stage for the sexless Ms Scott who also seems to enjoy the texture of silken colour co-ordinated fabrics to completely conceal her body. The decoration of her home to hide whatever interiors exist when she’s out of this character panders more to the escapist nature of this fetish but it also creates a surreal notion of a photo shoot being created in the most endearingly amateur way.

Her faces is covered by nylon and she has hand applied some kind of projection of childlike feminine face in the most endearingly naive way on to her mask. The poses she creates exaggerate some kind of quasi feminine body shape which includes exaggerating the hips and creating a kind of ‘S’ shape with the body. A gloved hand behind the head, a gartered leg leaning into the other knee all with the expressionless masked face creates something unlike anything else. Her dress sense is also quite fascinating, the repetetive use of silken fabrics covering 99% of her body all tastefully match with no more than three colours ever being compromised onto one outfit.

It is difficult to decipher whether Miss Scott wants to directly replicate the image of a doll like so many others who indulge in a similar fetish. Her use of nylon shies away from this as the enjoyment of rubber usually exaggerates something more artificial. Perhaps the covering of her natural skin isn’t to exactly present herself as a doll but more as a second skin rather than applying make-up as a drag queen would.

Like all anonymous fetish Flickr accounts understanding the true identity of the individual is entirely elusive however something does hint towards the fact that Miss Scott could be a middle aged Man living somewhere in the West.

You can go through the hundreds of other photos created by Miss Scott and also appreciate her other interest in bondage here.


Kallie Scott

Ms Kallie


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