Currently reading : An interview with Safezone2, the ‘billowing’ fetishist

An interview with Safezone2, the ‘billowing’ fetishist

20 February 2014

Author : reba


Safezone2 shares images that he has created of his fetish on the democratic platform of flickr.

Half of the images that he shares consist of stills from videos and the others have been created by himself either of women he knows or third party images manipulated into one image through Photoshop. These images are really like nothing I’ve ever seen before, Safezone2 enjoys watching women wearing clothes while in water and especially enjoys the effects of air being trapped underneath submerged clothing on the bodies of females. Most people have experienced swimming while dressed at some point or another but what is so fascinating about Safezone2’s collection of images is that he is aroused by visualising these rather mundane scenarios.

There is something hauntingly beautiful about the VHS stills of isolated women unknowingly becoming the object of his specialised attention. The demure colour saturation of the film quality and wet slicked back hair of the women is really quite appealing. Images of women drenched in water usually brings together visions of the female body being sexually exaggerated in a conventional way but these images don’t fit that stereotype. In fact the women captured in these images are quite normal and the focus of the images is trapped air underneath fabric.

Safezone2 also makes quite drastically different images where he manipulates various images together through Photoshop with a kind of comic exaggeration of women basically floating above the water. In the more recent images that he has created there seems to be some cross over of women modeling for him too.

We have been emailing Safezone2 about how he creates these images and his fetish to find out exactly what it is that he is so attracted to.


Safezone2’s explanation of his fetish in his own words:

I first got into this interesting topic back when I was a child growing up
in England.
I was very ‘aqua-phobic’ as a child and was unable to swim until I
was a teenager.
What got me interested in seeing women swim clothed is, during my
younger days I used to watch movies with scenes of people clothed falling
off a boat.

I remember very well a holiday camp when I was young.
The last day everyone got thrown in the swimming pool wearing everything.
I still remember one of the girls who kept getting thrown in wearing a
very long silky dress seeing it blow up into a balloon from air getting
trapped in the material. Hence the “billowing” thing I love which seems
to be of no interest to anyone else but myself.
I really do consider myself VERY different!!!

I myself enjoy the feeling of taking a bath wearing a pair of baggy
jeans and baggy shirt.

My girlfriend and I used to go in to the hot tub with everything on.
I don’t see her anymore.

Most of the photos I’ve posted are real. Yes it’s true, some are
adjusted with Photoshop.

I would call mine “Wetlook”: and “Billowing”….
I do NOT like feet, yes I know all guys are supposed to like it!!
I do NOT like S and M although I like to see women wear leather
dresses as seen in my photos.

Several years ago I couldn’t think up a name for my account, so I
named it Safezone…

I like jaccuzzi’s because the air jets blow clothing up.
It’s a really nice feeling when this happens…. :)





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