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Exquisite Corpse

11 March 2014

Author : julia-silverman

“Exquisite corpse” or cadavre exquis is a chance-based writing and drawing game, created (or at least coined) by the Surrealists around 1920, in which complete sentences or figures were formed collaboratively from independent words or individually-drawn sections of a body. To play, one person would begin by writing the first word of a sentence or draw the “head” of a figure and then cover it, allowing another person to continue the sentence or figure drawing without seeing the preceding portion. The results are often bizarre, segmented wholes that surprise both through disjointedness and unexpected cohesion. This gallery includes some of the “original” exquisite corpses, created by (different combinations of) André Breton, Man Ray, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miró, Max Morise, and others.

Man Ray, Max Morise, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miro, 1927 Andre Breton, Yves Tanguy, Marcel Duhamel, Max Morise, 1926 Man Ray, Joan Miro, Max Morise, Yves Tanguy, 1928 André Breton, Jacqueline Lamba, Yves Tanguy, 1938 Andre Breton, Yves Tanguy, Marcel Duhamel, Max Morise, 1926-1927

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