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VÄ›ra Chytilová has passed away

14 March 2014

Author : reba

VÄ›ra Chytilová

The pioneer of Czech New Wave cinema VÄ›ra Chytilová passed away on Thursday at the age of 85. Most famous for her 1966 film Sedmikrásky (Daisies) where she explored the excessive desire for pleasure in a Soviet Czechoslovakia the film followed two young girls and their anarchic pursuits for fun. The film was banned by the Communist government but still remains one of the most influential pieces of art house cinema. Besides from this authoritarian influence to her working life Chytilová remained powerfully dedicated to her vision regardless of the Soviet Union’s controlled film industry.

Her use of cinematography involved a non linear approach where she didn’t rely heavily on verbal or literary connections but rather created a manipulation of images together to make meanings in her films. This can make a jolted viewing experience but non the less her films are really quite inspiring for these reasons besides from their important historical factors.

You can watch the film below.

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