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An interview with Kenji Alucky

20 March 2014

Author : reba

Kenji Alucky is the phenomenally influential Japanese tattooer whose black work, dot work and geometrical tattoo work can not be compared to any other tattooer in its skill, placement and originality. Constantly travelling Kenji is often found working in studios all over the globe, recently he was working in London at Sang Bleu where we had a chance to create this small interview.
How did you start tattooing?
I inked my leg by myself for the first time with a self converted electric toothbrush, at the age of 16. The same I did for the following year with an electric shaving machine, then I eventually imported some decent device from the States when I turned 18.
Do you have any art education?
I’ve been self taught for my entire life.
How long have you been tattooing for?
I’d like to keep a low profile on that as my actual age is secret!

What do you enjoy about travelling with tattooing?

-In a sense, I actually do enjoy being in “inconvinient” situations.
The good vives and stimulations that I come across with new places and also
rad tattoists are definetely worth being as a traveller tattooist.
Though I hate sightseeing.

Why did you want to create dot work and black work tattoos?
I used to ink in variety of genre before. However, I hated the idea of earning bills as for the return of unwilling works, so I simply dumped all the colour inks that I had to do the things I want to do the most; the culture of black and dot work from England which I was shocked.
How do you want to see your tattooing evolve in the future?
To mainly focus on creating the “original” works, and most importantly never stop challenging.


Who do you respect in the tattoo world and why?
Xed Le Head,Tomas Tomas,Jondix and Thomas Hooper. I met them in real life got inked from them, and was fully inspired with their thoughts for life and artworks which literally changed my life. They kindly shared their techniques and also answered to my questions. I sinserely respect them, they’re my heroes.
You can follow Kenji on Instagram here or Facebook here to find out more about his travels and find out when he may be coming to a studio near you.

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