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Leigh Ledare – Double Bind / An Invitation

30 March 2014

Author : joseph-delaney

Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery

534 West 26th St

New York 10001


Known for perceived pornographic images of him and his mother, multimedia artist Leigh Ledare uses photography and found media to put together often provocative assemblages that attempt to map the socio-psychological relations within the formats of photography, language and the societal constructs which they dominate, namely media, and attempt to explore the relationsips that exist as their result; public and private, artist and subject. Two bodies of work are on show at the New York’s Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery: An Invitation, the culmination of the public half of a project in which the photographer was asked to photograph an “unidentified European woman with high-profile ties to political and media worlds”, put into context with enlarged pages of the New York Times from the day each image was made, and Double Bind, which saw Ledare take on an existing relationship, similar to that of his breakthrough project with his mother, travelling to a cabin in upstate New York to photograph his former wife who, then, made the same trip some weeks later to be photographed by her new fiancé, each work forcing us to question the societal boundaries we are inexorably tied to; legal, social, linguistic and sexual.

The exhibition runs until April 26th


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