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Wes Lang – The Studio

5 April 2014

Author : reba

Wes Lang

Wes Lang

Wes Lang


Sang Bleu contributor artist Wes Lang’s new exhibition The Studio Opened last week ARoS in Aarhus, Denmark. This extensive exhibition has seen Lang’s entire Los Angeles studio being transported to Denmark to create an interactive space where you can step inside his environment.

Lang’s work explores ‘The American Way of Life’ with a large emphasis on the aesthetics of American tattooing, pin-up girls, biker culture and rock and roll. His work incorporates these classic symbols as a way to express his own and national identity.

Intertwining these graphic images into various scale pieces including paintings and sculpture, just under 60 artworks will be on show spanning from various points in time of his career besides from the opportunity to immerse yourself in Lang’s private space. Of most recently Lang has collaborated with Kanye West on his tour merchandise, with Rolex and on motorbikes for Harley Davidson.

An interview with Lang has been made by the gallery which you can watch below.

The exhibition opened on the 29th of March and will close in the 7th of September 2014.


Aros Allé 2

8000 Aarhus




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