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Boris Bidjan Saberi’s inspirations

17 April 2014

Author : reba

We have spoken to fashion designer Boris Bidjan Saberi about his inspirations. From Helmut Newton self portraits, photographs of his favourite skateboarding magazines to the music he has been listening to in his studio we find out more about what excites Saberi.

SANG BLEU : What music have you been listening to in your studio?



SANG BLEU : What is your favourite museum or gallery?

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao


SANG BLEU : What is your favourite painting?

Painting is not really what inspires me.

SANG BLEU : What is your favourite photograph?

Helmut Newton. Self-portrait with wife and models, among others. Newton’s photographs remains very inspirational to me. He staged women complex faces and managed to underline their strength and pride, pointing simultaneously men’s gazes. He had shown women in the ways I both love to see and watch them.

Helmut newton. Self-portrait with wife and models


SANG BLEU : What is your favourite costume design from a film?

I’m not that found of costume designs. I often find non senses which break the global story. Star Wars has some nice points in.

SANG BLEU : What is your favourite building?

More than through one of its physical achievement, Architecture influences me as a discipline. Its technicality seems very challenging, and is also very similar to tailoring. Understanding and imagining a shape through floor planes and moving it to a 3dimensional volumes is fascinating. Besides, the graphical characters of those plans reminds me very much of patterns and fabric structures, it had been a deep influence for my most recent collection Structurism.

SANG BLEU : Could you name us one individual who you think their style is inspiring to you?

Boris Bidjan Saberi : Emotions, moments, versatile instants shared with my family and friends are more

inspirational to me than iconic individuals. If I had to name one individual, I’d say Joseph Beuys.

Joseph Beuys

SANG BLEU : What is your favourite either out of print magazine or old issue of a magazine? (for example a certain era of a magazine that is still running)

My practice of skate board and my love for street cultures fostered my interest for very specialised medias. Thrasher, Slap magazine..had been my readings on that side. Only later on I discovered a fashion dedicated and very influential press. I have in mind some well known features thanks to the strength of certain shots, here again I’d mention Helmut Newton but I would not be able to tell which issues he had covered.





SANG BLEU : What’s your favourite restaurant or cafe ?

Canete, Carrer de la Unió 17, 08001 Barcelona

SANG BLEU : What’s your favourite music video ?

Until the quiet comes directed by Kahlil Joseph.

SANG BLEU : What’s your favourite art direction in a movie ?

I really enjoyed Inglorious Bastard’s Tarantino movie. I walked inside the story.

In general I’m pretty much receptive to elaborate and strong scenario drawing coherent stage and costume designs. Thats also the reasons why I love Scorsese’s movies. But I’m also sensitive to different narrative styles and would enjoy as much Lynch’s cinema.






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