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Visions of KAOS

23 April 2014

Author : reba

Ron, Sage, Valentina and Andro by Krys Fox
Ron, Sage, Valentina and Andro by Krys Fox

To celebrate the first decade of the underground club night KAOS, KAOS and The Flying Dutchman/Mori+Stein Gallery are about to present an exhibition of photos and artwork of and around the seminal London queer techno party.

Featuring a mythological cast of nightcrawlers stroboscopically pinned against the post-industrial apocalypse of East London. Caught in the harsh intensity of a flashbulb glare, sparkling dissociatively in subterranean vaults and ruinous grottoes. A preternatural militia of nocturnal renegades throw abstract shadows; launch sonic attacks and stage gestures of ecstatic resistance and sublime abandon on a battered and tragically small stage.

The exhibition will include photographs taken over the first decade of KAOS alongside some of the imagery that has featured on the flyers and artwork from various artists who have collaborated with the club.

The exhibition opening will be an all-night event with late license and DJs + live photography studio and a screening of archive images.

KAOS are looking for photographers who have images from any of the KAOS events over the past 10 years if you have any images or know of any please get in contact here. Also for artists who have collaborated with us who would like to present work in this exhibition.

31st of May, Vernissage 21.30 – 22.30 Free entry

Party 23.00 – 6.00 Entry £5 in advance / £8 on the door

This exhibition is supported by a small grant from the Southwark LGBT Network. You can join the Facebook event here.

You can read an interview with the founder of KAOS from last year on Sang Bleu here

All images taken from Facebook.

Ron Athey + Bruce LaBruce Photograph – Lee Adams July 2011
Unknown Photographer. Kaos at Stunners 2007.
Andro Andrex + Neiber Amera
Kaos at Stunners. Date and photographer unknown.
Ernesto Tomasini in the wig department at the Adelphi Theatre, preparing for his first performance at KAOS

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