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Butch neck fetish

28 April 2014

Author : reba



On Sang Bleu for the past year we’ve been regularly exploring secret fetishes which have been made into varying kinds of aesthetic formations by anonymous individuals through the platform of Flickr.

Unlike the majority of fetishes explored on Sang Bleu so far where a surreal but mundane sexual nature is combined with a kind of folk art twist accumulating into some really quite outstandingly original images, the photographs which we are exploring today are basic snap shots without any editing or manipulation of the person or the image.

All of the photos uploaded by maghina show the back of one woman’s head, either being shaved or different but similar hairstyles changing over time. There is a large emphasis on exaggerating this woman’s tanned neck through the manipulation of her hairstyles and most of the photos include cropping the photo until all we see is the back of the women’s head boxed into frame.

The person taking the photos is never revealed in the images but the photos suggest that the photographer may have some part in adapting the women’s hairstyles. Washing, cutting, dying, shaving and combing all take part to produce the most painfully asymmetrical finishes.

Where many fetishes documented through flickr predominately appear to be organised by men, this fetish seems to be through the relationship between two women. We see the back of this woman’s neck changed by her partner then catalogued on flickr which results in looking like a personal love journal of the couples time together.

As almost all of the images hide the woman’s face it emphasises how sexually arousing the neck is. This fetish isn’t necessarily about shaved heads, which is a slightly more common fetish but more to do with the back of the head. Besides from the help of a mirror or camera viewing the back of your own neck is pretty much impossible. Being able to physically place yourself that close to the back of someones neck involves a level of intimacy which usually takes place through sleeping or sex.

There is something remarkably fascinating though about new hair being shaved to reveal a different skin tone after being in the sun, or the irritating small trims of hair cascading down the beginning of the spine.

One of the most sexual aspects of these images seem to be with the notion that the photographer has had the influence to adapt their partners appearance then document it.

Hair is such an important part of a women’s identity, letting another adapt it outside of a hair salon needs to establish a certain level of trust and even intimacy. The photographer therefore not only has control of how this woman will appear but also how she will portray her in these images. The woman also doesn’t seem very young making the severity of her shaved sides more unusual for a female of her age, theres something even a little aggressive about how immaculate the finishes are. Its like a vague version of branding a partner which is possibly what is so exciting for them, a kind of intimacy ritual.

Enjoy more of maghina‘s image on flickr here, but if not here our are selection of our favourites:


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