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In The Gutter

1 May 2014

Author : reba

A few days ago I found this exceptional book in the library. I was initially drawn to the cover and back image but after flicking through it, it threw out a some fantastic surprises. Written by a Fleet Street journalist during the hey day of Punk in Britain in 1978, Hennesy naively (and quiet honestly offensively) tries to compare the adornments of the punk style to tribal body modifications. These base comparisons are shown quite graphically side by side on most pages by having on one page a London punk being suitably insulting and on the other page a person from Africa, Asia or South America (i.e pretty much the entire world) wearing a vaguely similar nose ring or make-up, behaving in a very normal way. Although the book is beyond being dated, it’s layout is really rather attractive and the utter fear the journalist radiates out of the book in its comparisons reminds the reader of how terrified people really were of punk at the time.

The imagery of the punks is so refreshing in how is enables us to see just how original this movement was at the time. The photos pick up on certain details and adornments which have become lost in translation since punks inception like the drastic but lazy make-up or the layers of jewellery. This is especially prevalent in how extreme and almost de-sexualised the women’s looks were.

Other than the patronising content on behalf of both the counter culture and the people of the world exhibited in the book, it does have some great documentation of attitude fuelled young punks which can be seen here.

In the Gutter

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