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Bleu Baller

14 May 2014

Author : jason-farrer

Bleu Baller

Now that the talk of draft season has simmered and the temperature is starting to feel sultry we can finally get down to sorting the Michael Sam’s from the mere men. Its time to suit up your wide receivers and play hard ball.

”‹Sang Bleu, sang froid as we may collectively be, are sympathetic to the fact that all professionals in the field may not have the skills to craft one’s own uniform. Not everyone has the savoir-vivre to live up to the legacy of our feared, revered, and respected fetish editrix. Face it, Zuess wanabees, only Betony Vernon has the requisite discipline to keep a one wo/man atelier operational whilst commanding Her orgasmic Olympus. Whether sex athleticism or simple shopping is your sport, career, or legend it may be time for a new warm up… something suitable for surfing an orgasm.
Resurrection Vintage has curated a collection of garments for all enthusiastic players and bodycon fanatics. To your excitement this fashion safehouse established in 1996 (with a clientele list including John Galliano, Terry Richardson, and Lady Gaga) will be operating from the
switch house as the American sportswear train pulls into consummate trend this summer. Stateside athletic supporters can prepare to sweat it out in the sheets or the streets at their pre game preview. Soon, those with colossal muscle hustle can step into the arena looking as if they’ve no time for games.
Whether you are in the mood or market for a Mugler plastic corset, a Wild and Lethal Trash rubber nipple top, a Versace bondage gown, or even a souvenir fan t-shirt (be it Dame Vivienne Westwood’s tits tee or throwbacks from the Spike and Tom of Finland) and you or your shopping slave/s are in New York on Thursday, join Mark Haddawy, Katy Rodriguez, and their illustrious team for an in store sneak peak shopping experience.
The aformentioned unmentionables as well as Katy’s own reissue capsule collection of her 2001 porno collection textile will be available thru the early summer provided it remains on the rail thru training season.

The store event including photographs featuring notorious muses such as Howie Pyro and Tony Alva will travel to Los Angeles the following weekend, May 22nd, for those bi-coastin.


Thursday May 15th 2014
217 Mott Street
Music by Howie Pyro


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