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April Larue’s hands

28 May 2014

Author : reba

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I can’t get enough of April Larue’s hands.

These images are the result of a man’s documentation into the transformation of his alter ego drag queen named April Larue.

Her appearance is that of a suitably exaggerated female impersonator leaning towards that of a pantomime dame but the photos that I’m presenting you with today show nothing but her hands piled over with inaccessibly long fake nails while simultaneously being weighed down with colossal rings tastefully resting on her overtly printed dresses.

The mixture of all of these components really mixes up a kind of sensory over load car crash of textures and colours and the way in which she has cropped the photos so they just show a rectangle of unease has been driving me pretty wild.

On April Larue’s Flickr account she has so far shared over 4,000 images of herself, all of her posing at home in her perfectly normal domestic setting. Occasionally she will crop an image of her nylon covered mid heel and there is plenty of attention towards her family friendly drag exaggeration plastered all over her face in (quite literally) a rainbow of colours.

The varying lengths and shapes of her nails should frankly be made illegal and then placed onto of a man’s plump aged hands really takes it that one step further. The standard of textiles that she has adorned herself with – polyesters and nylons in the worst of the 80s and 90s has to be commended as a suitable wallpaper for her hands.

I’m not sure if I can still work out exactly what it is about these images that I’m so captivated by, there is obviously the essence of total devotion that has been poured into them. Each nail design carefully picked and patterned, there is certainly a consistency but also something utterly terrifying in how inaccessible the use of her hands become when overlaid with such exaggeration. Sometimes they appear vaguely comic and other times they seem to verge on the sinister.

I can’t help imagining what goes through the mind of Ms Larue on a day to day basis. Living as a man and then daydreaming about square tipped nail extensions and Swaroksi bracelets. It is as if counter parts of what we generally acknowledge as un-manly have gone wild and her hands become strange weapons.

Like most Flickr fetish accounts (although its difficult to say whether this is a fetish or not) Ms Laure remains anonymous and her choice to share these images is totally personal and private. I sort of find that there is almost something that verges on the folk art with these photographs in their consideration and cropping, turning them into images resembling strange paintings.

Have a look at more images of April Larue on her Flickr account here.

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