Currently reading : An interview with the creator of ‘The World of Giantess’ a forum to celebrate and explore a fetish for Giant women

An interview with the creator of ‘The World of Giantess’ a forum to celebrate and explore a fetish for Giant women

26 June 2014

Author : reba


Andreas is the creator of a German forum called ‘The World of Giantess’ which explores a fetish for men being scaled down to the size of insects and women being a totally normal size inducing the notion of the female turning into giants and men becoming vulnerable objects of insignificance.

I found Andreas through flickr where his computer generated images of cinematic scenes showing ant sized men run around the normal sized feet of women in an office space completely blew my mind.

On further inspection I found out that Andreas manages a forum for a cross section of men who all share this fetish and express it though home-made fan art which they share among one another. Andreas’ work explores domestic settings of men trying to escape the attention of these gigantic women, running underneath desks naked and hiding underneath high heels. However the art exhibited on this blog from its various members all explore many different themes of the amazon woman/merciless man relationship.

Many of these men seemed to fantasise about being engulfed by women, either trodden on, swallowed or pressed into crevices of the body – the women having total control of humiliating them. Others seem to enjoy the idea of being invisible to these women, so minuscule in size that they can run all over women’s bodies exploring them without them acknowledging their presence – a kind of female adoration exemplified crossed over with a peeping tom voyeurism. Some of the images are more explicit than others, taking the form of a more generalised concept of a pornographic aesthetic exaggerating ideas of bodily insertion to the next level. Others resemble more of what looks like a children’s story book where a man goes on some unknown adventure around the curves of a womans body like they would climb Mount Everest. However ultimately these images collectively are completely surreal and bring up many ideas about the male/female role in sex and society. You’d expect a kind of Robert Crumb illustration or Grace Jones personality in these images but actually the forum repeatedly shows us completely normal looking petite women.

I interview Andreas’ over email about his fetish and incredible forum.


How did you realise that you had a giant fetish?
As with many others, my fetish has already developed in childhood. Of course at that time I didn’t know what a fetish was, I only knew that I was different than the other kids. I often tried to sneak a peek of the feet of girls in my school class. In my spare time I started to draw pictures of me getting crushed under girls feet.

By the age of 12 I had access to the internet for the first time. It was 1991-92, google did not exist at that time and web pages were mostly text-only with some tiny images. Here I found out for the first time that fetishes existed. A foot fetish was the first thing that I found on the internet and it was not long before I found fetish forums which explored crushing and later to the GTS fetish.

How would you explain your fetish if someone had never seen the images that you’ve made?
That is really hard. For me, GTS is a special form of submission. The woman can do anything that she wants to do to me and I would be helpless. I would be a toy for the woman, a small insect. She could play with me like a small doll or crush me like a bug. That’s what I like about GTS – anything is possible.



How many people are members of ‘World of the Giantess’ and how do people find out about your website?

Currently “World of the Giantess” has 1232 active registered members, the number varies sometimes significantly since I always delete inactive members after a few months. Most people find us by other GTS communities or through search engines like google. World of the Giantess is the largest and longest running German GTS fetish community. Most German GTS websites do not live long because GTS is not so popular in Germany and there are too many big international sides.
All users who have found us write to me again and again how happy they are that there is a large German community where they can read stories in their language and can meet like-minded people.

How popular do you think this fetish is, and do you know much about members personal lives?

World of the Giantess is primarily aimed at German-speaking members – other speaking members are also welcome. In Germany the GTS fetish is not as popular, this is the reason why I created the forum. I wanted to make GTS more popular in the german fetish scene.
Many German members do not dare to post in the public part of my forum. Often it takes months until they dare to write something about their passion.
I have a lot of contact over private message system with my users. Many users have questions for me, for example, how to explain it to her girlfriend that they have a GTS fetish, or they have an special passion in GTS like vacuuming, garbage or compacting… that means they wanted to get vacuumed up with a vacuum cleaner by the Ginatess or thrown away like garbage…
Since I running the forum I’m learning new fantasies of my members everyday and I love it!


Are you attracted to the large size of women or does the behaviour of what a ‘giant’ woman becomes capable of also attract you?

I love the idea of being shrunk. It will probably be a mixture of both. For me, the woman is a giantess and I’m tiny and helpless. In that moment I belong to her and I’m helpless at the mercy of her.

There seems to be a repetition of women who look like they are swallowing men or inserting them in to their body, do you think these men also like the idea of being engulfed by women?
Yes, definitely. I particularly like the idea of ”‹”‹a woman who swallows me alive. In my opinion this is the greatest form of devotion. The shrunken man is absorbed by the body of the woman when it is digested in the stomach. The best way to die for a shrunken man. :-) Others enjoy the idea of inserting the shrunken man in other body openings of the woman – I like personally don’t like this so much – it’s too pornographic but there are many users find such a fantasy sexy.


Is there an essence of humiliation which is association with this fetish?
Yes, definitely. In the GTS Fetish many fetishes are combined with each other. There are many men in the GTS fetish who mainly want to be humiliated. For me it is that I liked almost all aspects of the GTS Fetish who are dealing with shrinking or transformation, but I don’t personally want to be directly humiliated by the giantess. If I was to be shrunk and was to become that helpless – that’s humiliated enough for me. :-)

What computer software do you use to make your images?
I use Poser, Daz Studio and Cinema 4D.


As this fetish is essentially impossible how can physical sexual interaction be enjoyed with an average sized woman?
Head cinema. The whole scene is played out in my head. However, I like to fondle my girlfriends. I find it very arousing to fondle the woman and imagine I would be shrunk and would climb over her gorgeous body.

In the vast majority of the images on your website the women do not appear stereotypically amazonian, but rather normal. Is there a reason for this?
Yes, I find it much more exciting when a normal rather petite woman is a giantess for me. Many men are more into the Amazons type. For me, the woman is a goddess, she does not need muscles she is absolutely superior over me because of their size. In real life, I prefer even more the dainty type of woman. My last girlfriend was 1.65 m tall, I’m 1.72 m tall, in my imagination, I’m 5-10cm small and my girlfriend is my goddess which is then 33x’s bigger than me.

Visit The World of Giantess here


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