Currently reading : Erotic fashion photographer god Hans Feurer and his new book

Erotic fashion photographer god Hans Feurer and his new book

13 August 2014

Author : reba

Hans Feurer for Vogue Hommes 1975
Hans Feurer for Vogue Hommes 1975

It’s Nice That just created a brilliantly to the point interview with fashion photographer legend Hans Feurer about his new book. If you’re not familiar with Fuerer’s lusciously sensual images of women, it wouldn’t be completely surprising as his recently published book is the first ever dedicated to his work, which is strange as his most prominent photographs were made in the 60s, 70s and 80s. However the Swiss born photographer is still producing imagery for some of the most high profile fashion publications at the age of 79. An attention to symmetry and the erotic are often present in Feurer’s work, wet mouths, naked skin being provoked by water or sand and perfect details of women’s body hair repeat themselves in densely vibrant colours usually cropped in an obsessively gorgeous frame.

Enjoy Feuer’s straightforward answers below and Sang Bleu’s pick of our favourite work of his.

11What’s your favourite project that you’ve ever worked on, and why?

Kenzo in the 1980s. I had complete freedom of interpretation.

Your work has only recently been made into a book. How do you feel now when you look back over the photographs you’ve taken over your career?


You’re considered by many as a pioneer of contemporary fashion photography. Do you enjoy seeing your past work referenced in projects by others?

It’s always a compliment for me.

How has your work as a graphic designer and art director influenced the way you take photographs?

It’s all one thing: visual communication.

How has fashion photography changed since you first started out?

Digital techniques have created a huge new opportunity, but for me there is no change.

What’s your most unforgettable memory from a shoot?

A Masai shaman who didn’t want me to take his picture provoked a miniature tornado to appear in front of my camera.

You’ve worked with some of the most illustrious stars of the fashion industry. Who has been your favourite person to work with and why?

Kenzo Takada. He was the most open-minded.



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