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Future Feminism

11 September 2014

Author : zoe-sharpe

Future Feminism

“Tenant 1: The subjugation of women and the earth is one in the same.”

The FUTURE FEMINISM collective includes artists Antony Hegarty, Kembra Pfahler, Bianca and Sierra Casady, and Johanna Constantine. Over the last three years, the group has developed a series of tenants that comprise a feminist manifesto of sorts. As they explain, “FUTURE FEMINISM is a call to arms to reorganize ourselves as a species and affirm archetypically feminine values.” Touching on the links between environmentalism and feminism, organized religion and feminist spirituality, the collective invites new ways of thinking about feminism and new vocabularies to speak about global female subjugation, as well as female power. To illustrate this “frontier feminist point-of-view,” the group is holding various “provocations” this month at The Hole in NYC. The exhibition includes a thirteen-night performance and lecture series which will debut the 13 Tenants of Future Feminism. (including a variety of Sang Bleu contributors such as Lydia Lunch and Viva Ruiz)

Performances begin at 8pm, doors at 7:45pm, and all events are open to the public on a first-come first-serve basis. Suggested donation: $10. The opening reception is free.

More information can be found here

Event schedule:

Thursday, September 11: Opening 6-9PM

Friday, September 12: Bianca and Sierra Casady, Sarah Schulman

Saturday, September 13: Johanna Constantine, Lydia Lunch

Sunday, September 14: The Factress aka Lucy Sexton, Clark Render as

Margaret Thatcher, Laurie Anderson

Wednesday, September 17: Narcissister, Dynasty Handbag, No Bra

Thursday, September 18: Ann Snitow speaks with the Future Feminists

Friday, September 19: Kiki Smith presents Anne Waldman, Mei-Mei

Berssenbrugge and Anne Carson

Saturday, September 20: Kembra Pfahler and The Girls of Karen Black

Sunday, September 21: Alice O’Malley, Lorraine O’Grady

Wednesday, September 24: Marina Abrombavic

Thursday, September 25: Caroleee Schneemann, Jessica Mitrani, Melanie Bojago

Friday, September 26: Terence Koh

Saturday, September 27: Viva Ruiz, Julianna Huxtable, Alexyss K Tylor

Future Feminism

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