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Farewell to Summer, Farewell to Flesh

2 October 2014

Author : harman-bains

A simple visual pleasure will soon be taken away. As the dark nights begin to set in, wrap your writhing body in a new skin, a smooth skin, a skin made solely of rubber. Set aside your differences of restraint, material will become your form. Bodies no longer adhere to form; they revel in limitations opposed by the tools of inhibition.

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Is not the most erotic portion of the body where the garment reveals intimate proportions without corrupting the flesh? This staging of an appearance as disappearance allows for a gradual unveiling, where the entire excitation takes refuge in the hope of seeing a sexual organ. The sporadic flash of skin between articles of clothing, ravishes the mind and the spirit.

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Seduce me in your latex body.

Manipulate and use me. I am mostly liquid but I will never burst. I am part sugar but when you lick me you wont taste my sweetness. Process me and I will become exceptionally resistant to wear and tear. Take me with great tensile strength, resilience and elongation. I feel like your skin only stronger. I may be difficult at times, but your body will become mine, eventually. Once I have possessed you, I take over and you cannot escape. I fit around the whole. Under the creases and over the crevices I stretch, each fibre of my being can feel your skin, quivering.

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There it stood before me, the body. The light shone from it like a black glistening beacon. Each movement caressed the eyes. Salivating at the thought of stroking it. It was cold to touch, but a hot explosion swarmed all over me. This body is a body in the act of becoming; it is never finished, never completed, continually built and continually created. It focuses on the smooth surface and magnifies only contours and orifices, which lead into the body. The result of this unveiling is a hostile erotic struggle between eye and object – as against the eye and object, either pose or dance elegantly for your disengaged pleasure.

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Latex has long been used in erotic wear and fashion to stimulate both wearer and observer. AtomAge clothing and AtomAge magazine, founded by John Sutcliffe was a central reference for fetish-wear enthusiasts. AtomAge specialized in gas mark fantasies, PVC and rubber fetishes, a precursor for newfound sexual freedoms. The magazine was first published in the early seventies and laid bare an uncensored celebration of deviation. A wild documentation of imagination. AtomAge was not created for a new fad or fashion trend it was a lifestyle choice and a deep expression of taste and desire. Subsequently, fetish was to take on new meanings and release itself from its previous lower standing. Curiosity and performance was infused into the private lives of the latex aficionados.

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From the full latex-clad woman lounging across her paisley sofa, or the latex slave standing with his back towards chained from his head to his feet, whilst his partner stands in a full red rubber suit, Atomage screamed for a new beginning in the exploration of the body and its limit, not just through pain but through restriction and materiality.

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