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An interview with Hairaiser

15 October 2014

Author : reba

Hairaiser makes images to satisfy his fetish for women with excess body hair. The internet found images of stereotypically beautiful women have been manipulated by Hairaiser in often subtle ways – a provocatively posed woman at first seems quite normal until your eyes travel down and you are enlightened with a downy covering of manly fur covering her legs. Some images are more blatant, Angelina Jolie or a 90s porn star with a good few weeks worth of growth on their faces are particularly delightful. There is something almost charming about the photographs that Hairaiser manipulates, verging on the in-offensive and absurd but simultaneously fantastically surreal. Some of the worlds most idolised modern women are turned into a drag queen’s dream. In a society where body hair on a woman is deemed unsightly its nice that Hairaiser has taken his fetish to the extreme that he has, even if this amount of body hair is unusual for most women to achieve.

We spoke to Hairaiser more about how his fetish has developed and the images that he makes.



Could you explain to us what attracts you to hairy women?

Why of course! I find it quite natural that a woman does not shave, and I honestly do not know why I am attracted to those who have a lot of hair. I like it and that’s it, I love to caress the legs of my wife when she hasn’t shaved, kiss her lips and feel the hairs of her upper lip. I think the fluff, when its thick, it is very feminine and sensual. Hairy women are beautiful to me.

At what point did you realise that you were attracted to hairy women? Was there a defining experience for you in your past?

Ever since puberty (when computers did not exist yet) I liked to add hair with a pen to the pictures of women from magazines and fashion catalogs. I found it pleasantly unconventional. ӬI would watch fascinated by the ritual of my aunt shaving her legs, and I wondered why she did it, for me it was still beautiful! ӬI dreamed of my first girlfriends with a mustache and beard, and they were very exciting dreams. But I could not talk to anyone, the shame was too much.Ӭ However many years later, my first computer made me discover the infinite potentials, and my fantasies have finally found all the space I wanted.

ӬAre you close to hairy women in your physical life? And is body hair on women necessary for you to become aroused?

Yes, in fact I once went through a chatroom and met a woman, it was only after meeting her that I discovered she was hairy. She had a real beard and it were treated obsessively. It was very sensual to caress her face in moments of tenderness. Unfortunately we broke up, because she couldn’t accept how she looked.”¨ But no, I think that if a woman is attractive, it is regardless of her hairiness. My partner now is not so hairy now, and I’ve always been attracted to her regardless of the fact that she is not so hairy.

What computer software do you use to create these images?

My favourite program is Corel Photopaint. Maybe Photoshop CS5 has more potential and is more stable, but I know how to use this one less.

Your images show some of the most conventionally beautiful women smothered in hair, what is it about this contrast of two extremes which you like so much?

I do not know exactly why this contrast attracts me so much, perhaps because in this way I can make them my own. It means that I can show the male and female living in each of us, so maybe through the transformation of these women look more similar to me. And then, as I said, I find hairy women beautiful more than non hairy women.







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