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Philip Yarnell’s favourite tattoos

21 October 2014

Author : reba

Today we asked the most beautiful tattooer Philip Yarnell to choose some of his favourite tattoos from his impressive collection and explain why he likes them so much.


Philip's back

My back piece was done by Liam Sparkes around three years ago at Shangri La, we decided on the goat because the original image is by one of my favourite artists Walton Ford. The image of the goat is based on the Faustian tale of selling your soul. The entire tattoo only took about two and half hours which is pretty impressive for a back piece of that size.

Philip's torso


These two tattoos on the right hand side of my torso were done by Luca Font and Glue Sniffer. The heroin chic was done by Glue Sniffer earlier this year, I chose this image because I like how crude it is. Luca’s tattoo of the girls head was also created earlier this year at Sang Bleu and I love how classical and timeless this image is.


Philip's leg


The top tattoo on my calf was done by Koji Ichimaru at the start of this year at Duke Street, I like this girl because Koji is well known for mixing up traditional Japanese and classic Western styles together, but this one was more unusual for him and most of his images are usually of Japanese content. The tattoo below that was done by Javier Rodriguez at Sang Bleu, I enjoy it because it doesn’t look like anything else I have on my body and there is a lot of character to the devils face.



Philip's torso


Thomas Pollard created this great image of the character Suzy Bannion in the horror classic Suspira. For me this is a very iconic image and as its one of my favourite films ever I love that I have it tattooed on me. I haven’t taken very good care of this one and need it touched up a little bit, but I still love it nonetheless.

Philip's head

Philip's neck


My head and neck tattoos were created by Guy le Tattooer. I love Guy’s work because of his bold and unforgiving style which constantly surprises and impresses me. I had the top of my head done only a few weeks ago and my neck was done last year at Shangri La and he did my head at Into You.

Philip's stomach


My stomach was done by Bert Thomas, its a copy of a 1930s Walt Disney comic and I love how dismal it is in comparison to the images we see of Mickey Mouse these day.

Philip tattoos from Sang Bleu London and Skynyard in Southend and you can see more of his work here

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