Currently reading : Mike Brodie’s ‘A Period of Juvenile Prosperity’

Mike Brodie’s ‘A Period of Juvenile Prosperity’

10 November 2014

Author : ellen-turner


Mike Brodie’s ‘Period of Juvenile Prosperity’ is currently on show at Galerie les Filles du Calvaire, Paris as part of Mois de la Photo 2014. The exhibition includes sixty eight works from Brodie’s sold out book of the same title.

Brodie’s series follows the journeys of juvenile freight train hoppers, the discontected surburban youths travelling compulsively without destination across America’s railway tracks. Brodie unveils this invisible world and subculture of which he was a part of for much of the noughties after becoming bored and leaving home for the unknown, perilous adventure of train hopping. The photos aren’t a documentation of the lifestyle, rather an observation and personal account of the people and places travelled through the eyes of their friend.

The photographs are romantic yet brutal; stunning rural landscapes frame grime ridden teenagers cuddled together against steel freight train carts. They’re children that proudly display their wounds, tattoos, blood and dirt as a testament to their authenticity and reckless abandon of the social convention they sought to escape from.

‘A Period of Juvenile Prosperity’ is a striking collection of photographs that seeks to capture the untamed wildness of Brodie’s vagabond family and does so intimately and honestly. Without the presence of contemporary gadgetry and fashions, the photographs are difficult to pinpoint with regards to time and instead capture just the essence of the train hopping experince which has been the arbiter of escapism since the tracks’ inception. Brodie’s photographs are timeless paean to youth and adventure- beauty in a constellation of filth.

‘A Period of Juvenile Prosperity’ is on show at the Galerie les Filles du Calvaire, Paris until the 30th November.
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