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The Flawless Sabrina Archive

20 November 2014

Author : reba

Flawless Sabrina


One of the many wonderful developments that the internet has offered us is a new economy where we can all donate and help projects evolve which would have had a far greater possibility of fading into obscurity without our new awareness of more obscure and financially not profitable projects.

Flawless Sabrina is the American LGBT icon, who since the 1950s has been at the forefront of progressive social changes in the queer community. Now there is a new Kickstarter campaign to help create and save Sabrina’s phenomenally large and important archive.

To explain Sabrina’s influence throughout the twentieth century is difficult to grasp for no other reason other than for the fact that it is so vast. Well known for her appearance in the seminal 1968 documentary The Queen, Sabrina throughout the 50s and 60s operated a national drag beauty pageant aptly named The Nationals which inspired the influential film.

Throughout the 60s and 70s, Sabrina’s experience was used to consult on films such as Midnight Cowboy, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Myra Breckinridge as an assumed expert of homosexual matters which was meant to inform the film industry at a time when queer subject matter was tentatively addressed in cinema.

In later years Sabrina became involved in politics, having worked with Hilary Clinton to enable transgender people to alter the (M/F) sex marker on their U.S. passport, and for gay marriage. She is an active member of her community, and a go-to resource for trans in the arts and politics. In late 2013 Sabrina worked closely with luxury department store Barneys on their groundbreaking transgender themed ad campaign shot by Bruce Weber.

And it is through this latest project that the possibility of cementing her historic, cultural and political influence will be able to flourish as a source of invaluable research and documentation for artists, academics and activists.

There are now seventeen days left to donate and a great selection of gifts which come with the variety of donation prices.

Please donate and find out more about Sabrina’s incredible life here



Flawless Sabrina by Diane Arbus
Flawless Sabrina by Diane Arbus

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